Five things you probably didn’t know about us

1. Most of us are fulltime working pilots.

It would be pretty tricky to develop ATPL theory courses if we weren’t pilots ourselves. Our entire course development team (except our graphic designers) are ALL currently full time pilots. We employ pilots from a range of different companies like Virgin, Air New Zealand, Air Macau and Airwork – to name a few. This gives our online ATPL courses a very solid foundation in the ‘real-world’.  

2. Our illustrations are produced by a professional Graphic Designers

We employ an amazing group of graphic designers who produce all our fantastic illustrations. Many of the illustrations in our courses are very technical (especially for courses like ATPL Navigation and ATPL Systems and Performance), and it can take many hours to design and develop them. 

3. We have a very strong Flight Instruction background.

Many of our course development team members have experience working as flying instructors. Developing high quality aviation theory course content requires an indepth knowledge of theory content delivery techniques and different student learning styles. Experienced flying instructors bring these skills (and more!) to our courses. We work very hard to develop courses that we would’ve enjoyed taking ourselves, when we did our own ATPL’s.  We all have a strong desire to ‘give-back’ something positive to pilots who are still studying. Remember, we know what it is like. We’ve all done it too!

4. It takes about 6 months to write an ATPL course.

Yup. That long! We thoroughly research and develop our courses from the ground up. Writing quality aviation course content is a very time consuming process – so it helps that we love doing it! Once the course is nearing completion, we spend around 4 weeks thoroughly testing and editing the course before we release it to students. Collectively, we have written thousands of multi choice questions, so we get pretty good at asking tricky questions in our courses – as I’m sure you will discover!

5. We spent about 12 months migrating our courses to our new platform in 2018

We are very pleased that this process is drawing to a close! It was a mammoth effort by our team to prepare our vast course content for our new platform. Our new site is cutting edge with a host of amazing new features – all designed to deliver our world class courses to you in an exciting and interactive way.

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