PPL Courses

Our online New Zealand PPL courses are progressively being rolled out during 2020 – starting with PPL Air Law (A).

Like our ATPL online courses, our new PPL courses have all been professionally developed to maximise learning outcomes, while reducing the cost of training. Many new student pilots choose to self study PPL subjects, rather than paying high ground course fees at flight training organisations. At ATPLOnline, we provide the very best professional online PPL courses – fully supported via our Learner Help Desk, where you can get in touch with our course developers if you need any course assistance. View our PPL courses now.

Our technical PPL courses have been developed by B737 pilots, who were also NZ flight instructors. They also completed their PPL and CPL training in New Zealand, so understand the challenges and rewards of learning to fly in the New Zealand aviation jurisdiction.

Being operational commercial pilots, our course developers give real world commercial turboprop and jet insights throughout our PPL courses – giving both context, experience and motivation for those learning to fly.

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