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Our online New Zealand CPL courses are progressively being rolled out from late 2020 – starting with CPL Air Law (A).

Here is a preview of our CPL Air Law (A) course from the courses home page. 

Reducing the cost of aviation training

Like our ATPL online courses, our new CPL online courses have all been professionally developed to maximise learning outcomes, while reducing the cost of training. We feel passionately that flight theory training shouldn’t need to cost a small fortune. That’s why we have launched – what we believe, to be the most cost effective, comprehensive, up to date and content targeted aviation courses in New Zealand today.

Many pilots choose to self study their PPL, CPL, IR and ATPL subjects, rather than paying high ground course fees at flight training organisations. At ATPLOnline, we provide you with the very best professional online aviation courses – fully supported via our Learner Help Desk, where you can get in touch with our course developers (we are pilots too) if you need any course assistance. View our CPL courses now.

All our online CPL courses have been developed by Boeing 737 pilots, who were also New Zealand flight instructors. We completed our PPL and CPL training in New Zealand, so understand the challenges and rewards of learning to fly in the New Zealand aviation jurisdiction.

All our online CPL courses incorporate practical real life examples from our experience flying; piston, turboprop and jet aircraft commercially in New Zealand and internationally. It makes sense to learn your CPL subjects from actual working commercial pilots who can impart real life flying experiences into the courses. This makes our content unique. We believe we provide the best, most current and comprehensive CPL courses available today in New Zealand.

We have a genuine desire to pass this knowledge onto you. 

Instant course updates

Every day we are calibrating, improving and editing our online aviation content. That’s what we do!

When we push these updates out – they are instant. You get the benefit immediately without any further cost to you.

Our courses are all ‘living documents’. Also called  ‘evergreen’ or ‘dynamic content’, this means our aviation content is continually improved and updated. This is something that paper books simply cannot do. That’s one reason why they can get out of date fast and are often costly to maintain and republish. That is why their republishing cycles are much longer.

Our dynamic content ensures you are always studying the very latest and most accurate New Zealand aviation course content. How do we do this? During 2020, in association with our IT partners, we built a large IT system that tracks, collates and links all our vast content, questions and media together. This ensures that nothing is missed, and allows on time comprehensive course updating across all our courses.

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