ATPL Human Factors

Great updates to our ATPL Human Factors course this week – check out the details below to see what changes we’ve made!

  • Updated some IT links on great course videos.
  • Created brand new questions to support our Sample Exam updates.
  • Ever wondered what “the creeps’ are? Course fully updated to explain.
  • Removed survival and first aid questions from the Sample Exams (these are getting remodelled for our PPL and CPL Human Factors courses).
  • Updates to Physiology and the Effects of Flight Module to support new questions in the Sample Exams.
  • Minor editorial updates throughout the course

As always all our online aviation courses are – evergreen – which means they are living documents and are continuously updated. This gives you confidence that you are always studying the very best content we have to offer and in-line with NZCAA syllabus requirements.

Drop us a line at if you have any questions.

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