How Our Courses Work

ATPLOnline courses are specifically designed to help you achieve the best out of your upcoming aviation exams. Our team have carefully curated the best information and learning experience for you to gain the best out of your study.

Here, we’ll explore how our courses work and show you how easy it is to get your online aviation studies underway. Our courses can be accessed anywhere, anytime with a Wi-Fi connection. This provides a very flexible study approach which means your study can fit into your schedule, when it suits you.

Course Modules

Each of our courses are made up of modules. These are the key topics of each course, covering the syllabus for each aviation subject. The courses have progress tools so you can easily see where you are up to in studying each module.

At the end of each module there are comprehensive quizzes to help you see your progress with your study by testing your knowledge and comprehension of the topics covered. In addition each course has 2 sample exams so you can evaluate your readiness for sitting the external exam.


Within each module are sections. These sections will cover the topics in detail relevant to the associated module. Sections are the actual pages with the content of the course. They include written content, illustrations, videos and audio, enhancing your learning experience through a variety of different mediums.

Once you have completed all the sections in the module, and have passed the end of module quiz you can move onto the next module.

Sample Exams and Quizzes

Sample exams and quizzes are an integral part of our courses which means you can check-in with your study progress and readiness to sit the external exam. Quizzes occur at the end of a module, and are a quick snapshot of your study progress for that specific module. Once you have completed all modules for a course there will be 2 sample exams available for you to take. Sample exams are filled with new questions from all topics in the course and are designed to prepare you well to sit the external exam. Both your quiz results and your sample exam results will be available for you to view at your convenience after you have completed them. You’ll get multiple attempts at the quizzes and one attempt at each of the sample exams.

Course Benefits

Our courses have lots of beneficial elements to enhance your study. Our courses are filled with large and clear images which demonstrate certain concepts and essential information for your exam, these also aid in memory recall and in understanding key concepts or memory items. Our courses also include auditory elements and video’s to further complement your learning experience. Our quizzes and sample exams provide you with the best measure on how your study is progressing, and this enables you to have an experience as close to exam conditions as possible.

The courses not only prepare you well for the exam but they provide students with different learning styles to gain the best out of our courses. So whether you are a visual, auditory, read/write or kinaesthetic learner, our courses are here to cater for your needs!

Learner Help Desk

Our experienced team here at ATPLOnline are here and ready to help you. You can discuss course related topics with our course developers – on our site. The Learner Help Desk is here to help you with any concerns or topics related to our courses and your exams. Our friendly team are enthusiastic about helping you get the best out of our courses!

Our courses have been designed to help you achieve great results on your aviation exams. Our ATPLOnline team are excited and ready to welcome you on this online study journey, a more cost-effective and more flexible way to support you on your aviation career pathway.

Check out this video for a more detailed instructional video on the operational aspects of our courses.

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