PPL Beta Programme

Our PPL Beta Programme is now available with a great offer of 50% discount. Offer available until 31 May 2021. Get started today! A big congratulations to one of our students who has finished the last of their ATPL external exams this week. That's an epic effort- well done! Have a great week!

Is becoming a Pilot right for you?

We now offer a course specifically designed to help you decide if becoming a pilot is right for you. We take you through; The basic steps of becoming a pilot. Based on New Zealand - but is applicable for many countries.Introduce you to some of the theory subjects you will need to learn if you... Continue Reading →

CPL courses

CPL Air Law (A) NOW AVAILABLE. Our online New Zealand CPL courses are progressively being rolled out from late 2020 - starting with CPL Air Law (A). Here is a preview of our CPL Air Law (A) course from the courses home page.  Reducing the cost of aviation training Like our ATPL online courses, our... Continue Reading →

PPL Courses

Our online New Zealand PPL courses are progressively being rolled out during 2020 - starting with PPL Air Law (A). Like our ATPL online courses, our new PPL courses have all been professionally developed to maximise learning outcomes, while reducing the cost of training. Many new student pilots choose to self study PPL subjects, rather than paying... Continue Reading →

Our Top Five Study Tips

Let’s be honest. Studying for your ATPL exams is not quite as much fun as swimming at the beach or playing Angry Birds on your smart phone. It comes close, but just not quite as fun! So, to get you back out at the beach, we have put together our top ten study tips, which... Continue Reading →

ATPLOnline COVID-19 Hardship Scholarship

6 May, 2020 Applications are now closed We’ve had a great response to our COVID-19 Scholarship and we’re pleased to announce the successful recipient was notified this evening. We’re delighted to be able to award this. Thank you to all of you who applied and shared your personal stories with us. We wish you all... Continue Reading →

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