How Our Courses Work

ATPLOnline courses are specifically designed to help you achieve the best out of your upcoming aviation exams. This post gives you an insight into how our courses work and operate!

Should you start or continue your pilot training during the pandemic?

Those of you who are currently thinking about starting your aviation journey may be wary of COVID-19 impacts and the lasting effects they may have on the aviation industry. This article aims to bring optimism back to hopeful trainees, illustrating how the New Zealand aviation industry will recover post COVID-19, and why starting your flight training now makes sense for landing your dream job in a few years’ time. 

Is becoming a Pilot right for you?

We now offer a course specifically designed to help you decide if becoming a pilot is right for you. We take you through; The basic steps of becoming a pilot. Based on New Zealand - but is applicable for many countries.Introduce you to some of the theory subjects you will need to learn if you... Continue Reading →

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